Terms and Conditions

Local Deliveries will be made within 24 operating Hours

Outstation Deliveries will be made within 48 - 72 operating hours

The payment will be deposited directly to the client's bank account within one week of delivery of goods to the customer.

Cash Handling charges apply for outstation Deliveries

Parcel Booking Procedure

All parcels must be booked through our online portal Bitrix.pk


The clients are required to properly package their goods according to the nature of goods. Any damage to the product due to improper packaging will not be our responsibility


Client is charged based on volume or weight (whichever is higher)

For volume, the following method will be used to calculate weight = Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Length (cm) / 5000

Return Shipping

In case if the consignee refuses to accept the parcel/item, the item will be shipped back to the client and the client will pay the delivery and return charges

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement for each delivery will be made within one week of goods being delivered to consignee.

All Reimbursements will directly by deposited to the client's bank account through cheque.


In the unfortunate event of a theft, the company is not liable to return the full value of goods in cash or kind to the client. The company does not give any insurance and it will provide an FIR.

Natural Accident/ Unforeseeable events

The company will not be liable to return the full value of goods In case goods are damaged or destroyed due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc. and other unforeseeable events such as riots and strikes.

Legal Cash Collecting Authority

Stallion Deliveries will act as an agent on behalf of the client company. We shall have full legal authority to collect cash and transfer the ownership of goods to customer.

Karachi City Restrictions

Areas such as Malir Cantt, Gulshan-E-Maymar, Gulshan-E-Hadeed, Kemari, SITE, HUB Chowki, Surjani Town, Orangi Town may take up to 3 days for delivery as they are not considered within city limit by Stallion Deliveries.

Change in Rates

Stallion Deliveries has the right to revise its rates anytime in the future, however, all change in rates will be communicated to the client two weeks before implementation